Alibaba Cloud Developer Circle

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Organizing Partner:
Campaign Overview
Alibaba Cloud Devloper Circle is a virtual website-building competition for professionals and students from developing fields in India, organized by Alibaba Cloud and IndiaSpark. Participants are asked to build a web solution with Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Object Storage Service (OSS) and other key products.
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Prizes and Benefits

The final winners will get prizes inclduing cash, cloud credits and custimized gifts.

1st Place: 1 Winner
$2,000 Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
$2,000 Alibaba Cloud Credits
Customized Merchandise
Winner Certificate
Reference Letter from Alibaba Cloud
2nd Place: 2 Winners
$1,000 Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
$1,000 Alibaba Cloud Credits
Customized Merchandise
Winner Certificate
Reference Letter from Alibaba Cloud
3rd Place: 3 Winners
$500 Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
$500 Alibaba Cloud Credits
Customized Merchandise
Winner Certtificate
Reference Letter from Alibaba Cloud
Innovation Award: 10 Teams
$200 Alibaba Cloud Credits
Customized Merchandise
Winner Certificate
Reference Letter from Alibaba Cloud
Participants of the campagin will get multiple benefits including:
Free Vouchers of Related Clouder Certifications (for All Registered Participants)
Certificate of Participation (for Participants with Qualified Submissions)
Customized Gifts (for First 100 Participants with Qualified Submissions)


  • 2021.1.11
    Qualification Competition Starts
  • 2021.3.31 (9.30PM IST)
    Deadline for Campaign Registration
  • 2021.4.11 (11.59PM IST)
    Deadline for Submission
  • 2021.4.12 - 4.20
    Judging Phase
  • 2021.4.21
    Result Announcement

Enrolment Stages


Please ensure you have added a payment method before registering to the campaign.

Get and Activate Cloud Services

You may get ECS, OSS and RDS for free with Free Trial.

Build Your Web Solution

Use the cloud services to build your own project, and publish it with a domain name purchased with Alibaba Cloud.

Submit Your Solution

Early submissions will get additional benefits.

Enrolment FAQ:
  • The solution must be using one or more Alibaba Cloud products.
  • The solution must be deployed on a public domain purchased with Alibaba Cloud (new users can get one starting from $0.01).
  • A team may consist one or more participants. The benefits and prizes will be only given to one account for a team and cannot be seperated.
  • If you do not know what to do next, please follow the step-by-step guide.

Solution Category

Your solution must be aligned with one of the key categories and must address a societal problem. Below are few sample problems for your reference and understanding.

Online Learning
Digital Resume
Air Quality
River Pollution
Social Distancing
Blood Donation
Equipment Rental
Professional Service
Service Aggregator
Retail Store
Pooling Service

Recommended Products

Elastic Compute Service

Buy 1 ECS server together with 1 RDS server to get 50% off your total expense.Buy 1 ECS server together with 1 RDS server to get 50% off your total expense.

Alibaba Cloud Databases

Alibaba Cloud offers one of the most extensive portfolios of cloud database solutions for FinTech.

Object Storage Service

An encrypted and secure cloud storage service which stores, processes and accesses massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world.

Domain Name Service

Get a domian starting from $0.01; .COM domain names from $3.90; ICANN fee included.

Learning Resources

Operate and Manage a Cloud Server

Understand the advantage of a cloud server. Learn how to purchase ECS on Alibaba Cloud, manage the server on our console, backup critical data and ensure your system can adjust according to business needs.

Build Your First Personal Website On Alibaba Cloud Using ECS

In this short video, we introduced how to quickly deploy a personal website with Alibaba Cloud ECS and Marketplace service.

Using ECS to Construct a Dynamic Website

Want to learn how to construct a dynamic website that can actively update its content? In this Clouder lesson, you will learn how to build a WordPress website on Alibaba Cloud.

Operate and Manage Object Storage on the Cloud

This course explains the basic concepts of OSS, and includes demos such as bucket management, object storage operations, image processing, website hosting and monitoring and introduces the OSS related security features.

Using OSS to Publish a Static Website

Learn how to publish a static website using Alibaba Cloud services and complete the ICP process.

Relational Database Service Technical Operations

Through this course, you will not only learn about Alibaba Cloud RDS design architect and applicable scenarios, but also by watching product console demos, you will be familiar with RDS major functions and operation details.

MySQL Database Concepts and Operations

After learning this MySQL series courses, the trainees will master the MySQL relevant basic concept, deployment procedure, HA solution, commonly used backup and recovery method and daily inspection skills.

Migrate Your Application to Alibaba Cloud

This course is designed to help traditional IT companies who want to move their business to the cloud and have a comprehensive understanding of Alibaba Cloud's recommendations and available tools for the migration of the application environment.

Migration of Cloud Database to Alibaba Cloud

This course aims to help users and engineers who want to migrate databases from third-party cloud platforms to Alibaba Cloud.

E-Commerce Website Migration Best Practices

Using a combination of Linux command line tools and Alibaba Cloud's database migration service, DTS, we show you how you can take a simple example site (built with WordPress) and fully migrate it to Alibaba Cloud.

Demo for Deploying Web Service on ECS

This is a step by step operations demonstration on how to quickly deploy web service using ECS

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service – Live Demo

This live-demo webinar will give an overview about the concepts and puts a special emphasis on features that differentiate this offering from competitive offerings of other cloud providers.